Sophia Center, LLC


A Note on Insurance
Your health insurance may cover some or all of the cost of therapy.   For information about coverage, deductibles, and co-pays, I encourage you to call your insurance company for clarification. 

For your convenience, I have provided here a list of questions that you can ask your insurance provider (click here).

Client Forms

Congratuations on your decision to make important changes in your life.  There are some details to complete as we begin.  To the right is a series of forms to be downloaded, read, completed, and signed prior to our first appointment. NOTE: More than one form needs to be downloaded, filled out or signed and then printed. If you prefer to complete the intake form online, click here.

If you are initiating individual therapy, please download forms A, B, C,  and D,  (Note:  Forms E & F are for your information only, so please keep them available to you.)  If you are initiating couples therapy, please download and print all of the above, plus form G.  Please call me at (913) 651-2674 if you have any questions.